Monday, November 26, 2007

Another month has fallen to the wayside and with the holidays around the corner I expect this month to fly too. Thanksgiving day was a peaceful event, we arrived at grandma's around 1am (Diana & Mike got there @3am). When we got up in the morning we watched the parade, Andrew & the boys went outside to chop some wood for grandpa and we finished up we the food prep.We were 10 at dinner and as always there was way to much food (good thing we like leftovers) After dinner desert and the clean up, We ( Diana, Mike, Andrew & I) went shopping to walmart. I was surprised that they were open (they are a 24 hour store) and was even more surprised that they were busy. I needed to get birthday gifts for our godchild's birthday and Andrew was looking for hunting pants (he was suppose to go out with his cousin @ 5am Friday morning for some deer hunting). We left on Friday afternoon and arrived home in time for Andrew to go bowling (did you think he was going to miss it? Never) On Saturday we had the twins birthday party (18 screaming 8 year old in a bowling alley) nuff said.

A Happy belated 8th birthday wish to our goddaughter Ariel(in brown) and Alexis.

As always be good and be safe


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Siobhan
Every once in awhile you meet someone who becomes a part of your life and as time goes on you can't remember a time that the person wasn't there.
Siobhan & I met 17 years ago thru my mom & dad. She and her husband had just had their first child and were looking for someone to take care of the bundle of
joy and the rest is history. Siobhan & I are total opposites, she is neat & tidy, I'm NOT, she is always on time or early, I'm NOT, she is health & fitness (she just participated in the Avon 2 day walk for breast cancer in NYC), I'm Not, she is tea & bed by 9 and I am Vodka and a nite owl.But with all that said she is someone who listens when I have a problem and offers(it seems) just the right advice, she stands beside me when she knows I am facing a difficult task and gently pushes me in the right direction, she laughs at my joke, cries when I am sad & she trusts me with her three most cherished achievements . I am proud and honoured to say that "She is my FRIEND".
As always be good & Be safe


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Why is it no matter how much planning I do, I always have a million thing left to do at the last second. I have work today, (5 munchkins under 6) I have to make stuff mushrooms & this, bake some cookies ( was going to make a pie but MIL did 3), run to 3 different store for things my FIL wants and can't get in his neck of the woods,(all Italian food that you can't get in Upstate NY) pack, and be ready for when Stew-be gets home so we can get on the road.Impossible? No, doable, LOL I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

Since this is a Thanksgiving post I just wanted to add a few things that

I am thankful for:

  1. My husband, family, friends Misty & the kids in my life.

  2. Our Health

  3. The roof we have over our heads & the food on our table

  4. To be living in this great country

  5. This incredible journey called international adoption, the folks we have met, the things learned, the kind words of encouragement.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

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As always Be Good & Be Safe

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We got back just a bit ago from the family wake and I realized that I had missed Veterans Day. I just wanted to take a moment to Thank the men & women who have always protected & served our county so that we may continue to live in Freedom.Those who live in freedom will always be grateful to those who helped preserve it. I received this in a email last week and thought it was something worth sharing.

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Late last evening, as I was picking up 4 of my "munchkins" from dance class Andrew received a phone call from his parents. After a long and courageous battle, Andrew beloved Uncle passed away surrounded by his family. After I get done with work this evening We will be heading up North for the wake. Sadly we will not be able to stay till Tuesday for the burial.
Uncle Angelo was a great Uncle that all the kids loved. I am sad that Aislinn will never get to meet him. Rest In Peace Uncle Angelo. You will be Missed.

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


Friday, November 09, 2007

Glitter Comments -

No not for Andrew & I (yet)but I do have a new little girl entering my life. The family of "my youngest munchkin"(Tommy) just added a wee bundle of Joy to their family.
Kenzie Nicole enter the world last night @ 11:45pm. 6 pounds 9oz. Mommy, Daddy & big brother Tommy are all excited and doing well

Little Mr Tom Tom came and spent some time with me, while his daddy spent time @ the hospital with the little peanut and Mom. I love spending time with this little guy.He is a boys boy, ruff and tumble, roll on the floor, wrestle with misty, not afraid of anything Boy. The things he comes out with, and he just turned two on Sunday. His dad was showing me a picture of the baby tonight when he picked Tommy up and when Tommy saw the picture (She was asleep) Tommy shouts "Wake up Baby" LOL Too Funny!

Congratulation Tom, Kate & Tommy on the newest member of the clan.

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Too much time on my hands

I had a list of things to do today, Connor football game, a
birthday party @ 4, have dinner with friends, clean and grocery shop for the week but sadly I didn't get any of those thing done. I am under the weather so I stayed in PJ's and tried staying in bed. After awhile I went onto the computer to clean out my email,delete some junk that was in there & surf. While going thru my pictures and surfing I came across a fun website and made this:

Of course when I show it to Stew-Be he shakes his head and told me "I have to much time on my hands" Guess that his way of tell me to get off the computer and do something. LOL
O'well, I thought it was cute.

As Always Be Good & Be Safe

Thursday, November 01, 2007

is National Adoption Awareness Month

November 17th is National Adoption Day

As always Be Good & Be Safe



Another Halloween has past and like I said in my previous post how I luv seeing all the kids in their costumes, this year was no different. We got our first knock on the door at 3:20 and the last one around 9:30 last night. It was an interesting year as far as trick or treaters went, less little ones ( 5 & under) more middle school kids (wearing really revealing costumes) and many more parents this year walking with their children. I even saw one group of kids walking (about 10) with about 6 parents and one dad pulling a wagon with a cooler in it full of beer.

Jamie's kids came to our house for trick or treat. Saorlas was Belle (Beauty & the Beast) Fianna was Cinderella and Seamus was Porky from the little rascals. Remember him?

Normally our neighborhood is trashed the morning after Halloween and this goes back to when I was a child growing up here(my dad & neighbor use to hid in the bushes to catch the kids that egged the houses year after year Once,Aunt Sal grabbed the kid that egged her windows and by the collar marched him into the house to call his parents and tell them what he had done and that the next afternoon he would washing windows at her house to clean off the egg. if you did that today(marched a child into your house for damaging your property you would be arrested for child abuse) but this was the 70s so the next afternoon the parent dropped the child off to clean all the egg off of her window and offered an apology. This year it wasn't to bad. Shaving foam on the lawns,baby powder on the driveway and toilet paper on the trees, street and lawns.

All the kids that came to the house were to cute but I couldn't wait until this morning to check out some of my favorite blogs to see if there were any pictures of every ones princess,angels, flowers, witches,bees,pumpkins, ducks, fishes, pirates & ladybugs. As I click from site to site (thank god for bloglines) I clicked on
this site and hit pay dirt! LOL As I looked at each different site and the pictures they shared I dreamed of a day (hopefully not to to far in the future) when my daughter is here and we are taking pictures of her is the most adorable costumes.

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


This is an account of our lifes as we head down the path of life towards our first child. An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break." --An ancient Chinese belief

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