Thursday, September 08, 2011

Hurricane, Earthquake no power~ oh my !

I can't believe that it has been over three months since my last blog post. Its been a crazy life here for us these last few months. Aislinn went to "school" thru the summer for a half day program. In September she started a full day program, She leaves the house at 8:40 & doesn't get home till 4pm. Its a long day but she needs it for all the services she is getting. PT was upped to 3 times a week, Speech 3 times & OT twice. She loved it or as far as we can tell she does. When the bus comes in the AM she is all smiles & rushes to get on & in the afternoon she is all smiles getting off. She gets more steadier on her feet each day but her words are still slow in coming.We started to use the PECS system(Picture Exchange Communication System) beside signing & that is taking a bit of her frustration away. We have had many Drs appointment over the summer, Dr D the neurologist, Dr Silverman ( who was pleased by Aislinn's progress & thinks by the next time she sees us Aislinn will be talking up a storm, Dr Rogu to finish up her shot & for Coxsakie.
Speaking of the Coxsakie, at the end of August the week of the 23 I was sitting at the computer when everything started to shake in the house, I didn't know what to think. Turns out we had a earthquake ( it hit in Virgina but we felt it on Long Island. Then a few days later we got hit with Hurricane Irene only by the time she got to us it was a Tropical storm but did some nice damage & we were with out Lights for 6 days. Good thing we like camping, we were lucky to have Andrew's brother lend us a generator so I didn't lose the 2 freezers of food, plus I was able to make a pot of coffee every morning for myself & charge our cell phones. On the 4th days of no lights Aislinn was Awake & crying @ 4:30am, both Andrew (he hadn't left for work yet) & I ran for her room. Nothing I did would sooth her so at 6 am I dressed her & put her in the car, got coffee for me & a bagel for her & we drove (it was the only time she wouldn't cry or whimper) I knew something was wrong( she is never like this) so @ 8:30 I calls the Drs office & I brought her in. At this point I had notices small blisters on her hands, while sitting in the Drs office I saw a few on her leg. When the Drs came in they took her temp (she was running a low grade) but he confirmed what I figured it was (coxsakie) the bottoms of her feet were covered in blisters as was her throat & mouth. Poor wee pet, once we gave her motrin, then tylenol a few hrs later she was she chipper self enjoying all the ices she wanted. The weekend after the storm we went to visit Grandma & grandpa upstate. The damage up there was much greater then us. Whole towns were destroyed. Andrew & his father took the chipmunk & misty for a drive trying to get to our trailer (all roads going up the mountain were closed . Two small bridges by my outlaws were closed due to damage. Since there was a house full at his parents, Aislinn slept in the same room as Andrew & I. Now normally is she wakes early in the AM (5am) I see her on the moniter , she plays with her Violet then puts her fingers in her mouth & back off to sleep she goes but since her cot was at the end of our bed @ 5 Am (in the dark I hear ma ma ma & she is tapping my foot. So to try and keep her quiet I take her out & bring her into the kitchen for a cup of milk & some cheerios. Since she is raring to go for the she start shouting as I am saying shhhhhhh. Thankfully there is an screened in porch with toys on it (they were out of the basement due to walk fro the storm, I put Aislinn our on the porch & let her play & screen to her hearts content. Since she was up with the birds she might as well make noise with them! Aislinn got to meet her newest cousin when we watched him a week after he was born while his dad was in a family wedding. Peter James (PJ) was born on July 23 (kerri went early & I was camping the weekend he was born & missed his entrance) Andrew was away this day so it was just Aislinn, I & PJ. She was really funny looking at him then me you could see the little wheels turning in her head. Ailsinn met my godmother (also known as the wicked witch) when we went to see her in the city for dinner one Sunday night. I was nervous as to how my godmother would be towards her (she is a strange bird) but AIslinn charmed her with her smile & Hi ya !

A few other things that Aislinn experienced
Went to her first wedding (just the church) to see cousin Kara get married,(then went home to a babysitter so mom & dad could enjoy a night out!)
Daddy's bowling dinner (think fancy wedding) She was good & passed out in the car on the way home (11:30pm)
Histo bowling fundraiser for Taylor (Grainne came & babysat her so I could help out & daddy could bowl)
Carleigh's 3rd birthday party
Fireworks (not impressed) Misty on the other hand didn't like them
Her 1st FCC event
We took her for a walk on the beach ( she loved the sand & the water)
Met our social worker Caren for our post placement report
Took part in the walk for Epilepsy her on Long Island. We raised $390!
I can't believe we are home 6 months with Aislinn & the kids are back in school. Rachael is a senior, Connor is a sophomore but what blows my mind is that Micheala is graduating in May from College & student teacher this semester.

I am looking forward to all the holidays this year and before you know it they will be here but the thing I am most looking forward to is my High school reunion. The class of 81 will be celebrating on the night of the 17th. Andrew & I are both going (we graduated together)!

As always be good & be safe

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