Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rachael's Jr Cruise

Last Friday was my Stinkerbell's Jr Cruise.Could it really be 4 years ago that it was Micheala's Jr prom While we were in the ER with Aislinn I had called Siobhan to tell tell I wouldn't be around to take photos of Rach getting ready & with her friends. I also told her not to tell Rach why I wasn't there (I didn't want to ruin her special night worrying about her godchild or me)but of course once again Siobhan didn't listen to me & told Rachael. When she came walking into my house all dressed, hair perfect & looking stunning I started to cry! We quickly took some photos of Rach in front of our house then I gave my camera to Charlie (McKays boyfriend) & asked them to take as many photos as he could! He took almost 300 photos of Rach & her friends before they got onto the buses for NYC & their cruise around Manhattan.
Rach with her friends Jess & Kim
Siobhan with Micheala & Rachael.

As always be good & be Safe.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to take a few years off Mommy's life

So much has been going on, but once again I haven't had a chance to get to the computer to get it all into the blog but this I needed to get down as soon as possible. Aislinn had been doing great, she gained 2 pounds at her last Drs appointment, passed her hearing & eye test, was approved for services & starts school in 2 weeks. We are home 2 months, getting into a nice comfortable routine, starting to be able to breath again & then BAM Aislinn has a seizure.
Thursday night after I got done with work Aislinn & I took a walk around the neighborhood afterwards I fed Aislinn dinner (Andrew was finishing his last night of Thursday bowling) & got her ready for bed. By 8pm she was in & asleep by 8:15 & I was in bed by 9. At 10 Aislinn started coughing, I was watching on the video monitor & after a few moments she settle back down again. Around midnight, she was awake again & banging her toys about the crib. I got up to talk with her & got her settled back down quickly. Andrew still wasn't home so I put the TV on for a bit, around 2am I heard her again (I must of fallen asleep since the TV was off & Stew-be was in bed) I got up went in to change her, got her a bottle (thinking maybe she was thirsty) & sat with her reading a book. After 25 minutes, she was back in her crib. At this point I was trying to figure out what was going on. In the 10 weeks we have had her & the 2 months we had been home she never woke up like this thru out the night, The cough is from allergies (the dr said Claritin last Friday when we saw him),there was no fever & she was in great form when we had been reading the book, so I had no clue as to why she was having trouble with sleep. I feel back to sleep and a bit before 6 She was whining in her crib, Andrew got up to check on her ( I was watching in the monitor)he straighten her crib, put on her music & she laid back down. Normally I would of gotten up with her but due to her lack of sleep thru out the night plus we were meeting with the director of the school she is going to that morning I was OK with her being in the crib & I grabbed a few more zzzzzzz. At 7:45 I got up, all was quiet in her room so I popped my head in ( when we open her door in the morning she is all smiles, tilts her head to one side and say HIYA!) her room but she seem to be still sleeping, so I quickly got ready for the day & went back to her about 10 minutes later. When I got to the crib she was still laying on her stomach, her eyes open, but not making eye contact with me, I put down the side of the crib, & brushed the hair from her face & she didn't move. I called for Andrew & lifted her out of the crib. We placed her on the bed, her body was stiff, her neck turned to the left, eyes open & her breathing was very shallow( I didn't think she was breathing). I screamed at Andrew to call 911, & he ran for the phone, our Neighbor Larry was just coming out of his house So Andrew shouted for him (Larry is an MTA cop & volunteer fireman), he came running & I called 911 (Andrews hands were shaking) While I was on the phone with 911 her little body started twitching. Within minutes the police and exchange Ambulance was here, 6 guys come running into the house & up the stairs, I'm downstairs to get her medicines for the EMT (knew I would be asked but can never pronounce them) & I called the pediatrician I'm on the phone with the DR all the people they just went upstairs are coming back down with Aislinn & Andrew & running for the ambulances and moments later pulling away from the house. I quickly threw some clothes into the diaper bag (chipmunk was only in a diaper) a few bottles and her adoption paperwork (not sure what we would be asked in the hospital). Larry's wife Laura came over and offered to drive me to the hospital (at this point I was fine~ Calm~ I got upset when I first took her from the crib but then quickly got over it when I saw how bad Andrew was shaking) so I told her no thank you & left to drive to the hospital. We live about 10 minutes from one hospital that is part of the North Shore LIJ health system & 15 minutes from another that is part of Catholic Health Services that has an Pediatric ER (they had to take her to the closet hospital. As I walked into the ER I could hear her screaming, when I got to her she was in a total meltdown & poor stew-be was as white as a ghost. They took her information, said a blood test would be needed. I informed them that Aislinn has Epilepsy and what medicines she was on and asked if an EEG would be done on her, I was told no (she was already scheduled for one on June 28th) that they didn't see a need for one since it was and that it was probably a febrile seizure .While they were putting the IV in her for the blood drawn I went out to the waiting room to speak with my sister Jamie (Aislinn was still in daddy's arm & screaming) When I saw jamie I lost it. I have never been so scared in my whole life. At this point I had no clue as to what the next step would be, how long we would be there or if my daughter of 10 weeks was going to be ok. After I calmed down & spoke to Jamie for a bit, I told her to go home & that I would call her in a bit to tell her what was going on .I went back to Aislinn & Andrew & she was sitting quietly on her daddy's lap. A few minutes later the ER Dr came over & asked me when was the last time Aislinn had her medicine. I stated last night (she get her meds 2xs a day) He then looks a me at says "well there are no levels of medicine in her system." How could that be possible~ I go over what we did the day before & state she didn't have her dose of med this AM to which the Dr said ' Missing one dose would still leave a read on the test" give her a double dose of her medicine and you can go home" While this hospital might not good for some things (they took care of both my parents number of times pediatric medicine isn't there specialty~ this is also the hospital that after Andrew fell off a 20ft ladder & was rushed to the ER they were looking to let him go without so much as an X-ray). We were out of the hospital by 11am. The Chipmunk fell asleep as soon as we got her into her car seat.. We stopped to get bagels & see Aunt Kerri before getting home. Aislinn woke up when we pulled into the drive, ate a half of bagel, & was laying down asleep again by 1pm. While she was napping (& the video monitor was in my hand all afternoon) I made 2 phone calls, one to the pediatrician & the other to the neurologist, at both offices I was told I would hear back with in the hour & I did. Our pediatrician told me the levels of her med could of read 0 was because 1) we don't know how long she has been on these medicine, 2) her body could be getting use to it and the fact that she is growing could factor in (when we were in his office on the 13th her level was at a 1 & he was hoping that if she stayed symptom free the neurologist might be able to wean her off of at least one one the medicines)When the neurologist called she first asked "How was I doing?" she then went on to ask what happened. She upped Aislinn one medicine for now and is taking a wait & see approach (till after her EEG). She also stated that she was on call for the weekend so that if anyone happened I was to call & bring her back to the hospital (she did state that if I opt to call the ambulance they would once again take her to the closest hospital. I told her lesson learned, not that we have a clue as to have we are dealing with~ if this happens again Aislinn will be put into a car (after the seizure is over) and driven the extra few mile to the Pediatric ER for care.

Aunt Tina & Uncle Pete stopped over to check on the lil munk as did Aunt Kerri.. Rachael stopped over & I cried when she walked in (she was dressed for her Jr Prom). Aislinn slept thru all the visits. Around 5pm I woke her, she ate dinner, got a bath, and was back in bed for 8pm. As exhausted as I was I didn't get much sleep on Friday night but the Chipmunk woke up this morning as of nothing happened.

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Thursday, May 05, 2011

Playing catch up

My poor blog has been so neglected. I keep starting updating it but then the chipmunk wakes up from her nap or I'm so beat at nite to put two words together. We are heading camping this coming weekend , so I am hoping for a bit of rest ( who am I fooling, my days of rest are long gone)!We have Aislinn 2 months tomorrow and she has come so far ( in our eyes but not the neurologist eyes) Our appointment was for Monday, we arrived a half hour earlier, filled out our paperwork, Aislinn was weighted & measured (she hasn't gained any weight or grew since we got her) and were in the exam room for 10am (our appointment time) & told Dr D would be with us in a few minutes.. My sister Jamie came with me for the appointment and we kept Aislinn entertained for the next hour as we waited, Dr D came walking in @ 11:02 & was done with us by 11:20 (it was the 1st time she had seen Aislinn) She threw allot of medical words at me (thank god Jamie was writing everything down) asked a few questions and that was it. We have another appointment in August & Aislinn is scheduled for an sedated EEG in June. From pass experience with neurologist I know they are very.......... clinical. She (the DR) is tops in her field but I wasn't thrilled with her, time will tell as to whether or not we stay with her or change Drs.
Aislinn had to have blood taken. We took her to the hospital lab since we knew a lot of blood was going to be drawn for all the test Dr Nick & Dr Silverman wanted down. It took 4 of us to hold her down while they found the vein & she screamed but once we let up on her she was fine watching what the tech was doing. They took 14 vials of blood from her & afterwards we went to breakfast. She also had a sedated MRI (which was more traumatic on me then on her) & the results came back good. . At her last appointment with Dr Nick she still hadn't gained any weight or grew. When he came into the room, he asked how she was doing with her walking. I took Aislinn off the table & let her walk for him. Dr Nick is please with her progress so far, after we get her levels back from the lab we will begin shots which will be the Friday the 13th! Aislinn has also started getting evaluated for services. So far we have been told she might benefit from a full day program to help her catch up. I not to keen on that idea but want to do what is best for her. When all the evals have been done (speech, OT, PT & a psychologist) we will then meet with the school district and go from there.

As always be good & be Safe

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Aislinn's 3rd Birthday

I've been having computer trouble so I am a bit behind with my post. Aislinn's 3rd Birthday was April 23rd (Easter weekend). We were Upstate at Stew-Be's parents house for that weekend so the Saturday before we had my family over for a celebration.We had both my sisters & their families here, my cousins, & Uncle Donald, Anne & the twins, Siobhanm Connor, Rach & her BF Mer plus Micheala & Charlie.The weather here on Long Island hasn't been nice at all so we couldn't let the(9) kids outside, so at times it got a bit crazy but it was fun. Aislinn's godfather Michael was suppose to make it in from Maryland but at the last second couldn't. We ordered pizza & I made a tray of Baked Ziti & salad. Aislinn's birthday cake & cupcakes was made by Micheala and were delicious.Aislinn did really well with all the company and attention and was in bed by 8pm.Everyone else hung till 10pm. When the last of the guest had left & Andrew & I had a chance to sit down, we were watching the baby monitor & Aislinn was very restless in her sleep (wasn't looking to get up just a lot of tossing & turning, turning on her Violet dog & banging her foot.
On Sunday night Aunt Jamie, Uncle Mike & the crew came over for dinner(since we had so much food left over).Since the night before was a bit crazy and we never let Aislinn eat her own piece of birthday cake we did it after dinner & she loved it.
On Good Friday, Andrew, Aislinn, Rachael & myself left for upstate. Aislinn really loves car rides, checking everything out as we drive thru the city & mountains.When we got there around 9pm Gpa was there with Michael to meet us (gma,Aunt Diana,Andrea& Matthew were on there way back from Aunt Gloria's)After we unpacked & Aislinn sat with Gpa for a bottle (trying to get on on a sippy cup but having no luck with that) she was off to bed. On Saturday Uncle Pete, Aunt Tina & Lauren surprised us by driving upstate. After dinner,Aunt Ursula & Uncle Gasper came over. Aislinn got loads of presents & loved being the center of Attention from everyone. Again she goes to everyone but still makes sure either Andrew or I aren't far.
I wonder at times what is running thru her little head. So many changes in such a short time.

As Always Be Good & Be Safe

This is an account of our lifes as we head down the path of life towards our first child. An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break." --An ancient Chinese belief

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