Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What I have to look forward to
The parents of 3 of "my Munchkins" went away last week to the Keys for a little R & R and I got the kids and all that went with them! This included S.A.T Prep for Micheala, a spring concert for Rachael, a baseball game for Conner (which he hit the game winning GRAND SLAM beating the team that has the best record in their league) A first date for Conner (movie-Spider man 3, dinner-Friendlys)Yes, he will only be 11 in June but it was sweet and innocent and I am glad that we were able to be there for it. The big thing for the weekend was on Friday night Micheala had her Junior Prom, a cruise around Manhattan! Of course there was drama before hand. Her hair wasn't right, the dress didn't look right and the bow wouldn't sit right but once she got to her friends all was right with the world. When she got home (at 5:50am) she climbed into bed with me, and told me all about it, the dancing, the fun, the sights (she had called a few times during the night to touch base with me which is why she got in so late(or early how ever you want to look at it) I knew where she was and who she was with).A great time was had and it is a memory she will carry with her thru her whole life. The 1st picture is of Micheala and Rachael before we dropped her off( of course Rachie kept saying "I can't wait for my Jr Prom"! All I kept thinking is I can wait, Proms are proof that they are growing up(to fast for me) The other pic is McKay and a few of her friends.
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