Friday, April 20, 2012

Playing Catch up
Seriously, where is the time going? I can't believe in just a few short-weeks we will have Aislinn a year. Wasn't it just yesterday we were getting on the plane for China? Lots of Changes in our lives these days.
In my last post we were just about to go to Maryland for the New Year. We arrived in MD late Friday night, as always Aislinn was really good in the car & only slept for a hour of the ride. After we said hello to everyone, we put Aislinn down to bed for the night & she slept till 8am on Saturday.We got up & started our day, just as I was about to put her breakfast on the table my Mil said " I think Aislinn just stubbed her toe~ Ashie was walking around the dinning room table) I looked over at her & said get Andrew (I couldn't see her face but knew by her body she was about to go into a seizure) I grabbed her as her knees buckled & laid her on her side on the couch. As most of her Seizures are this one was quick (for me~ my outlaws were flipping~ never seeing one before) She fell asleep for 2 hours after it was over. When she awoke I sat her on my lap & started to feed her some scrambled egg when all of the sudden her back went stiff & she went into another seizure. After she came out of it & fell back to sleep & I placed a call to NYU. The Dr on call called back within 5 minutes. I explained where we were & what happened, No meds were change, just keep a close eye on her & if another one happens to call again. Thank god she didn't have another one but she did have a very low key weekend. When she awoke from the second seizure after a hour she just sat on the couch next to whoever was there, first Andrea, then grandpa & daddy and at one point laid on the floor next to her godfather Michael. Around 4pm she got up from the floor & walked towards the stairs to go down to the bedroom & wanted to be put into the crib. I did and she laid there for a hour (one thing we have noticed about Aislinn, when she has had enough & is done or if she isn't feeling well her crib is where she want to be) We figured with all the sleeping she had done thru out the day she would be staying up to help us ring in the New Year but by 7pm her fingers were in her mouth & she wanted bed. After she went to bed it was a quiet night for the rest of us. Cards were played, drinks drank, Munchies munched & Dick Clarks Rockin New Year Eve party watched. We were in bed by 12:45. The Chipmunk woke around 7:15, after a quick change of the diaper & a sippy cup of juice Aislinn go into bed with us (proof that she wasn't feeling well) & laid between us for a few hours. We went out to Dinner that day to celebrate Michael's 21st birthday & left for home later that night. Our nephew Matthew took the ride with us & we dropped him off at his school in Manhattan then drove thru time square (its was interesting to see all the people still out & about @ 1am)Both Andrew & I were off on Monday so all the Christmas decoration were taken down & put away for another year. We celebrated Andrew's mom 75th birthday with a surprise dinner @ the Irish Times Pub (another fav). After dinner everyone came back to our House for coffee & cake for mom's & Steven's~ Andrew's nephew 25th birthday) On my birthday the chipmunk had a Drs appointment to receive her second flu shot. Dr Nick saw her & was very happy with her overall progress (he is the 1st dr she saw when we came home from China)& thankfully this time no seizures after the shots. Aislinn had a checkup with Dr R in the beginning of January. We talked about her increase seizures, the lack of speech, over health & decided to pull Aislinn from the school setting for the time being & have her service done at home.For this to be done an IEP meeting needed to be had.As always I stressed out about it but there was no need to I got everything I requested (it helps to have a friend there with you to have your back~ Thanks Kelly.It was decided that Aislinn's last day of school would be February 10 (our meeting was on Feb 1st). That Friday (3rd) I got a call from the school saying Aislinn had a seizure. I jumped into my car & by the time I got there she had another one. She was asleep when I walked into the room & when she awoke she started to cry (so unlike her) but after we got home & she napped for an hour she was back to her old self. When she went back to school on Monday I said a silent prayer that our last week at the school would be a quiet one(wishful thinking) about 11am I got a call saying that Aislinn was running a low grade fever & needed to be sent home. So off again I went to the school already knowing she would be home with me for Tuesday (needs to be 24hrs without a fever). got her home &; she slept for a few hours then was up & running a muck with her cousin.. Later that evening just before bed she started to sneeze & by the time she went to bed she became a snot monster. We went to the Drs on Wednesday (she had been running a low grade since Monday & know the green coming out of her nose) & she had a Ear infection. Wouldn't of known it from the way she was acting.When we got home from the drs I called her school & told them she would be out the rest of the week but asked if we could stop by Friday afternoon with munchkins for her class to say goodbye. She was happy to see her friends & school on Friday & went straight to Ms Aillison & sat on her lap. A few of the therapist came by the class room to say goodbye & her class got her a present. She loved it so much; played with it all weekend.

She started @ home services  on the 13th. The first week she was really funny. Every morning she would come down stairs, eat breakfast then go down to the front door, grab her jacket & try to put it on. When she could she would scream for me to help & stand by the front door "waiting on the bus" it took awhile to get her to understand that this was our new routine for now.
Out to dinner for Gma's 75th bithday
All the grand-kids Michelle(Steven's GF) Steven, Michael, Matthew, Lauren, Aislinn, Gma & Andrea
She was eating a lime~Luv this face

Playing with the gift from her school

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Rachael

18? How is that possible? Wasn’t it last week you were a baby in my arms, just yesterday an inquisitive toddler who loved to learn new things , the sweet, innocent child who captured so much of my attention. You needed me so much then....and you grew so close to my heart. But as time goes on, you are growing more independent and more secure and I watch with mixed feelings of pride in your accomplishments and uncertainty of how the future would change our relationship. Always believe in yourself and have the confidence to go after all of your dreams .You make me so proud & I love you so much.

Stinkerbell's First Christmas 1994 Asleep in her favorite place at the time (my arms)

New Years Eve 1996 with another rugrat Sleeping over my house.

Her first Camping trip July 1998

Happy 18th Birthday Stinkerbell

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas & the end of a great year
Another year is coming to a close & the older I get the faster it seems to go. December was a busy month stating off with the tree lighting at our local fire dept. Our niece Saorla's school was singing at it so Aislinn & I bundled up (it wasn't to cold) & walked to it. Saorla didn't have any interest in Santa @ all. The foll lowing day Rachael came over to watch her goddaughter while I got a chance to go and have lunch with my girlfriends from the adoption (Stew-Be was away chasing Bambi) Also while daddy was away The chipmunk & I along with Aunt Kerri, Carleigh, Hunter & PJ went a couple of towns over for there Christmas Parade. (not alot of picture of the month since BOTH of my cameras are not working~ how unhappy do you think I am) The Following weekend Aislinn went to her 1st FCC Christmas party ~ While taking a bath that afternoon she had a seizure in the tub~ Talk about taking years off your life~ But by 3pm she was in great form & raring to go so we took her. She had a great afternoon, running around, eating pizza and got a present from Santa (she has no interest in him). We had been going back & forth about whether or not to get her the flu shot, after much debate she went & got it on the 14th. Worrying about seizures we started her on Tylenol in case she got a fever (as per the Dr) as soon as we got home. The next morning she woke up in great form & off to school she went. At 3pm I received a call from the school that Aislinn had a seizure & by the time I got out there (25 minutes later) she had her second one. When I got her home she slept on the couch for 20minutes then was up & causing havoc like nothing happened. Phone calls to her DRS, Meds were upped and she stayed home with me for the rest of the week (only cause I can't take the waiting on the phone to ring every day while she is in school) With the change in Meds the Dr wanted a blood level count so on Christmas eve we got up early and ran to the hospital lab to get it done. As always Aislinn was more interested in what they were doing then anything else. After we were done with that I realized that I didn't have any Christmas PJS for her ( New Christmas pjs were something my mom always had for us even as we got older) so off to the Mall we went (I knowI avoid the mall at all cost but her we were on Christmas eve no less) We checked all the stores I could think of to get her Jammies (Sears, Penney's, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, The Childrens Place) & I was striking out. I was almost in tears when Andrew said lets try Disney(see every once in awhile he comes up with a good idea) They had 2 pairs of PJS left one size 8 & the other a 4! JACKPOT & they were on clearance for $8. BONUS! We then took her to sit on Santa's lap & have her Picture taken (she was not impressed at all) Then off for a yummy breakfast @ IHOP. That evening we went to Krissy's house to see the "family" like we do every year to catch up & the kids get a visit from Santa. Christmas Morning Aislinn got up at 8am. After she came down we started breakfast then opened presents, Our chipmunk was more interested in eating the boxes then opening them! We decide to stay home this year for the day so it was nice and quiet, just us THREE!
Tomorrow is my Stinkerbell's birthday. Andrew & I couldn't of chosen a better young lady to stand up for Aislinn & be her godmother. Rachael has always had a special place in my heart and is more of a daughter to me.
We are heading to the Outlaws in MD for the New Year celebration. Looking forward to seeing everyone & hoping for a quiet weekend with the Chipmunk.
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As Always Be Good & Be Safe


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Catch up

Almost another three months have passed since I last posted anything. Like has been crazy busy here in Aislinn's world and it all hasn't been good. Aislinn has adjusted to the long school day. Most days she might take a 10 to 15 minute nap in school and thankfully they allow it but when she comes home she has a hard time staying awake thru dinner & bath time and sleep by 6:30. Most nights she is in bed before Andrew gets home from work. On the nights I bring her back downstairs after her bath (cause I know Andrew will be home in a few minutes) she takes herself back up the stairs to her room & shouts for me from the door way, I go up and she is standing at the crib looking to climb in. On September 10 we participated in Long Island walk for Epilepsy. We raised close to $400. and had a beautiful morning for the walk afterwards we ran to Rachael's Field hockey game for a bit then left for the city. There was a memorial mass for my parents and then it was off to dinner with my Godmother. I was nervous being in NYC on the weekend of the 10th anniversary of 9-11 but the ride in & home plus the drive in the city was pretty easy even with all the police presents.
Aislinn & I made it to everyone of Rachael's Field Hockey games this season. I can't believe that this is her last year playing Field Hockey. It was kinda sad to watch the last game (Since 2003 I have been watching 1st Micheal then Rachael play the sport) Connor made JV football this year so Saturday mornings (and 1 Friday night) it was watching Goober & the the JV have an undefeated season!
On September 17th Andrew & I had our 30th High School reunion. I was really looking forward to going and reconnect with old friends. It was held at the Irish Coffee Pub(luv that place) and it was a awesome night. A whole weekend was planned (football game, tour of our old school, drinks Friday night & brunch on Sunday)Most of the planning was done thru Facebook to help keep the cost down.Say what you want about FB but It was truly great to reconnect with everyone on line then to see then again on that night was priceless.
In the beginning of October Aislinn saw 2 new Drs. Not totally happy with her neurologist(Dr D) I called NYU to see how long it would take to get an appointment with an Epileptologists (this was 10-5 @2pm) I was told "how does Friday October 7th @ 2pm sound?" (it took me 2 months to get our 1st appointment for the neurologist we had been seeing)I took it, called Andrew to let him know he needed to take the day off to go with me( I have no problems taking Aislinn to her Drs appointments but the one place I do NOT drive is Manhattan! So on Friday morning we set out to the city, made it in with no problems and was filling out our paperwork @ 1:30. At 1:45 we were shown to a exam room & 2 minutes later a man popped his head in, introduced himself (Dr R) and said he would be right back, he was & stayed with us for the next 90 minutes (when Dr D met with us back in May we waited in an exam room for 90 minutes then she breezed in & out in 20 minutes) talking to us about Aislinn, her adoption, her epilepsy and asking about us, our lives. When Dr R steeped out for a minute to get a pamphlet for us Andrew turned to me and said, " We are staying with this DR and I will take off on the days she needs to be seen by him")We left there with an appointment for January and very happy with our decision. A few days later I took Aislinn to a pediatric orthopedic because some concerns were made as to her unsteadiness as she walks. The Appointment was about an hour away and with long island traffic being what it is I left 2 hours before the appointment time & walked into the office with 3 minutes to spare! After the exam, x-ray and having Aislinn walk around for him (in just her diaper) I sat with the DR and he told me she is PERFECT, she is just a little girl who is learning late how to walk & carrying about more weight then a baby who is just learning to walk and to bring her back in 6 month.I left there happy with what was said but apprehensive about one word he said. It was the word PERFECT. I don't like the word and it u usually is followed with something bad ( or that is how it seems to me) On the Saturday following the appointment Rach had a A game so while Aislinn was napping and Andrew was outside working on the yard I ran to her game a few towns over (a 10 minute drive) While watching her game my cell rang it was Andrew "Aislinns having a seizure & isn't coming out of it" I left the field quickly and was home in under 5 minutes. Aislinn was laying in Andrews arms, saw me said hi. I got the thermometer to take her temp (99.6) and layed her on the couch where she fell asleep. 15 minutes later, she awoke with a scream, stiffened & had another seizure. It was over quickly and she fell back to sleep till 4pm. When she got off the couch, she seem fine, like nothing had happened (its the first time we have ever had two seizures in a day ( little did I know what the next hours would hold for us). about 5:30 she started to get cranky, so I gave her her medicines (in case she fell asleep again) and @ 6pm she was out cold (again on the couch cause I didn't want her out of my sight)She had 8 more seizures thru out the night. The next morning when she awoke & tried to get off the couch (she was up at 5am but didn't look to move till 8am) she couldn't walk and was having a hard time standing. I called the NYU and spoke to the Dr on call (it was the 4th time I had spoken to him in the past 12hrs. He said to take her to the ER. So off we went to Good Sam, blood test, temp of 102.3(she had been getting Tylenol or Motrin every 4 hours since 2pm the day before) X-ray & an EKG (her heart rate was bouncing all over 90-178) IV fluids and a diagnosis of a viral infection. We kept her out of school for the week because she was so weak.Dr R changed her dose of meds and sen me a script to have her blood tested in a few weeks. On October 30 we were back in the ER with Aislinn (saw the same ER DR from two weeks ago) Aislinn was having a hard time standing I(no fever or seizures) just walking like she was drunk very unsteady on her feet. I called NYU again and was told have the ER check her levels sounds like she was toxic (she was). After 2 hrs there we were released. Aislinn had a great Halloween. There was a parade at her school with a little party then when we got home she went out with Uncle Mike & cousins Saorla,Fianna, & Seamus for a hour around the block & got a slew of Candy.Aislinn has had 4 more seizures since then. We are trying to find the right dose of medicine for her.
With all this going on what do I decide to do? Sell Tupperware! Aislinn's medical bills plus medicine are kicking our butts so to earn some extra income but still be available on a moments notice in case she has a seizure at school or is sick this seem like the best fit for us. Now anyone who knows me is probably laughing their arses off because I am the quietest person of all my friends. I'm the one at a party who is flitting from group to group, listening but not speaking to anyone. So this should be a challenge. I did well my 1st month of sales but the true test will come from it I can keep it going. Getting up in front a group of people is way outside my comfort zone but I keep saying to myself, This is for Aislinn!
Hunter & PJ were christened on November 13. The church was a ceremony (so it was quicker & cooler then Aislin's was) and it was followed by a really nice family party.

I hosted Thanksgiving once again this year but instead of my family this time it was Andrew's. Our nephew Matthew is going to school in NYC so Andrews parent are coming down from Upstate & Diana & her gang are coming from Maryland. Matthew called and asked if he could bring a couple of friends also for Thanksgiving. I said of course (good thing Andrew brought the camper back home last week). Aislinn enjoyed her 1st Thanksgiving with all the food (this kid can eat) there wasn't anything she didn't try. We are looking forward to Christmas with her to see what she thinks of all the lights & decorations. We decided not to put up a big tree this year but maybe a smaller one. Time will tell!
AS Always Be Good & Be Safe

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Hurricane, Earthquake no power~ oh my !

I can't believe that it has been over three months since my last blog post. Its been a crazy life here for us these last few months. Aislinn went to "school" thru the summer for a half day program. In September she started a full day program, She leaves the house at 8:40 & doesn't get home till 4pm. Its a long day but she needs it for all the services she is getting. PT was upped to 3 times a week, Speech 3 times & OT twice. She loved it or as far as we can tell she does. When the bus comes in the AM she is all smiles & rushes to get on & in the afternoon she is all smiles getting off. She gets more steadier on her feet each day but her words are still slow in coming.We started to use the PECS system(Picture Exchange Communication System) beside signing & that is taking a bit of her frustration away. We have had many Drs appointment over the summer, Dr D the neurologist, Dr Silverman ( who was pleased by Aislinn's progress & thinks by the next time she sees us Aislinn will be talking up a storm, Dr Rogu to finish up her shot & for Coxsakie.
Speaking of the Coxsakie, at the end of August the week of the 23 I was sitting at the computer when everything started to shake in the house, I didn't know what to think. Turns out we had a earthquake ( it hit in Virgina but we felt it on Long Island. Then a few days later we got hit with Hurricane Irene only by the time she got to us it was a Tropical storm but did some nice damage & we were with out Lights for 6 days. Good thing we like camping, we were lucky to have Andrew's brother lend us a generator so I didn't lose the 2 freezers of food, plus I was able to make a pot of coffee every morning for myself & charge our cell phones. On the 4th days of no lights Aislinn was Awake & crying @ 4:30am, both Andrew (he hadn't left for work yet) & I ran for her room. Nothing I did would sooth her so at 6 am I dressed her & put her in the car, got coffee for me & a bagel for her & we drove (it was the only time she wouldn't cry or whimper) I knew something was wrong( she is never like this) so @ 8:30 I calls the Drs office & I brought her in. At this point I had notices small blisters on her hands, while sitting in the Drs office I saw a few on her leg. When the Drs came in they took her temp (she was running a low grade) but he confirmed what I figured it was (coxsakie) the bottoms of her feet were covered in blisters as was her throat & mouth. Poor wee pet, once we gave her motrin, then tylenol a few hrs later she was she chipper self enjoying all the ices she wanted. The weekend after the storm we went to visit Grandma & grandpa upstate. The damage up there was much greater then us. Whole towns were destroyed. Andrew & his father took the chipmunk & misty for a drive trying to get to our trailer (all roads going up the mountain were closed . Two small bridges by my outlaws were closed due to damage. Since there was a house full at his parents, Aislinn slept in the same room as Andrew & I. Now normally is she wakes early in the AM (5am) I see her on the moniter , she plays with her Violet then puts her fingers in her mouth & back off to sleep she goes but since her cot was at the end of our bed @ 5 Am (in the dark I hear ma ma ma & she is tapping my foot. So to try and keep her quiet I take her out & bring her into the kitchen for a cup of milk & some cheerios. Since she is raring to go for the she start shouting as I am saying shhhhhhh. Thankfully there is an screened in porch with toys on it (they were out of the basement due to walk fro the storm, I put Aislinn our on the porch & let her play & screen to her hearts content. Since she was up with the birds she might as well make noise with them! Aislinn got to meet her newest cousin when we watched him a week after he was born while his dad was in a family wedding. Peter James (PJ) was born on July 23 (kerri went early & I was camping the weekend he was born & missed his entrance) Andrew was away this day so it was just Aislinn, I & PJ. She was really funny looking at him then me you could see the little wheels turning in her head. Ailsinn met my godmother (also known as the wicked witch) when we went to see her in the city for dinner one Sunday night. I was nervous as to how my godmother would be towards her (she is a strange bird) but AIslinn charmed her with her smile & Hi ya !

A few other things that Aislinn experienced
Went to her first wedding (just the church) to see cousin Kara get married,(then went home to a babysitter so mom & dad could enjoy a night out!)
Daddy's bowling dinner (think fancy wedding) She was good & passed out in the car on the way home (11:30pm)
Histo bowling fundraiser for Taylor (Grainne came & babysat her so I could help out & daddy could bowl)
Carleigh's 3rd birthday party
Fireworks (not impressed) Misty on the other hand didn't like them
Her 1st FCC event
We took her for a walk on the beach ( she loved the sand & the water)
Met our social worker Caren for our post placement report
Took part in the walk for Epilepsy her on Long Island. We raised $390!
I can't believe we are home 6 months with Aislinn & the kids are back in school. Rachael is a senior, Connor is a sophomore but what blows my mind is that Micheala is graduating in May from College & student teacher this semester.

I am looking forward to all the holidays this year and before you know it they will be here but the thing I am most looking forward to is my High school reunion. The class of 81 will be celebrating on the night of the 17th. Andrew & I are both going (we graduated together)!

As always be good & be safe

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Aislinn's Christening Day

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Today, on our three month anniversary of being home from China & we had Aislinn Christennied.

The day was beautiful. Aislinn got up(6am) ate breakfast & a bath then I laid her back down for a bit so I could get ready. Michael ran to pick Rachael up & when she got here she got Aislinn up & started to dress her. We were suppose to be at the church @ 10:30am for the 11am mass, we pulled into the parking lot @ 10:38, not to bad considering there were 9 people (not counting Ailsinn) getting showered & ready for the day. There was 2 other baby's (both under a year) being baptised. The church was packed. We were blessed that a lot of our families were there, besides the gang from my house, both my sisters & families were there,Andrew's brother & his family, Siobhan, Mckay & Goober, Aunt Ursula & Uncle Gasper, Aunt Nancy & Uncle Joe, Gaga, Sammi, Ruthie & Ronnie were all there. Andrew Rach Michael Aislinn & I had to wait (with the other two families) in the back of the church for the priest to ask us a few questions, for Aislinn to be blessed & then we were able to follow the priest into the church & back to our pew. Aislinn did really well when he poured the holy water over her head. Mass was over in just under a hour. When we got our front we took just a few photos cause we only had an hour to get all the food to the hall for her party. We got home & Rach quickly changed Aislinn into her party dress & Andrew changed into a different suit (the one he had on was to heavy for the hot weather). We loaded all the food into the car & drove the 2 minutes to hall.

Aislinn had a blast walking all over the hall and walking up to everyone & saying Hi Ya with the tilt of her head & a smile. Talking about smiles over 4oo hundred photos were taken of her & not a one is she smiling. My chipmunk that use to light up when she saw a camera now refuses to smile when she sees one. Guess I took to many photos of her! LOL

Aislinn finally got to meet some of the family that hadn't seen her yet, Micheala made (once again) a delicious cake & cupcakes for the party plus she also made cake pops for her favors.
After such a hectic week it was nice to sit & relax with the family after it was all over.

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aislinn is really keeping me on my toes

Aislinn is being Christened tomorrow on Fathers Day. I've had my to do list winding down. All the food was bought to be prepared on Friday, Aislinn outfit was all set, as were mine and Andrew's. Hero's ordered, balloons ordered, Micheala is making the cake, cupcakes & favors, DJ was confirmed,Banner & donation was brought to the church & the hall was called to give our headcount all that was left was to clean the house for the family that was coming for the weekend. So on Thursday I started to rip apart the house. Aislinn was in school, Carleigh & Hunter were napping, Tommy & Kenzie were watching a movie when I got a call from the school that Aislinn had a seizure. Protocol is for them to call 911 & have an ambulance take her to the closest hospital but when the nurse called me she asked if I wanted to come get her. I said Yes. I called our pediatrician & they said take her straight to Good Sam, my next call was to KerriAnn to come watch the kids. When I got to the school Aislinn was sitting on her teachers lap, her cheeks were red & she started to cry when she saw me. The nurse stated that her fever was 99.1 right after the seizure & 100.2 just a few minutes before I got there. When she when to school that morning she was a little clingy but as soon as she saw the bus she was all smiles & saying Hi Ya as she walked quickly to get on the bus. It took me about 20 minutes to get to Good Sam. I do have to say I really like this Pediatric Er. I walked in & was whisked into the back within 3 minutes of walking into the door. The staff was great with her,They quickly examined her, started an IV on her took her temp (it was now 102.4 & weighted her~ baby dumpling is now 28 pounds!)
Blood was drawn & a chest xray was ordered. At this point Aislinn had fallen asleep in my arm so they said the would give her a few minutes to sleep before the Xray.I asked why the X-ray and was told they wanted to rule out Bronchitis & Pneumonia Now Aislinn has had a bit of a cough, kinda like a tickle in her throat when she lays down at night. When we were at the Dr's in May he said it was "post nasal drip", so I didn"t think anything of the cough.( my father in law had Bronchitis last week when we were in Maryland for Matthew's graduation, so I figured that what it was going to be). About a half hour later we took Aislinn for the chest Xray, She sat really well for it & the results were back rather quickly. Dr Rogu came and said Its Pneumonia! WHAT? How the H*ll did I miss that? The Dr was quick to point out that it was easy to miss since she wasn't showing any signs of the pneumonia. I guess from the look on my face she could tell I was upset with myself.She said they were going to start IV antibiotics on her right away & when it was done she could go home with a script for more meds & she was to be seen by Dr Nick. By this time Andrew was there.Aislinn was all smiles for her daddy & while they hooked the Meds to her IV Andrew & I tried to keep her entertained & keep her arm straight. About 9:30 We were told they were going to start her discharge papers so I sent Andrew home. 20 minutes later they came and took out the IV (the tech who did the IV did a great job, no marks or bruises on her arm from the needle but her arm was all red from all the tape they put on her arm to keep it straight.) When we got into the car & I plugged my phone in (my battery had gone dead about an hour into the evening) I had over 20 messages from the family. When I got home I sent a few text messages & made a few phone calls, fed Aislinn some oatmeal for dinner & we were both out for the Count within a hour.

Yesterday was suppose to be a day to do all the cooking for Aislinn christening & finish cleaning up for the company. GaGa ( my gf Jo) called me about 7:45 to say she was on her way over to start cooking (thank god I bought all the food last week & remembered to take the meat out of the freezer Thursday morning). She brought coffee & bagels with her but before we could cook Aislinn had a appointment to be checked out by Dr Nick's office. After her appointment we ran & got our last minute stuff (fresh veggies) & then we started to cook. We spent the afternoon making Sausage & peppers, Baked Ziti, Italian Meatballs, Swedish Meatballs, & Beef & Broccoli.

Our nephew & Aislinn's godfather Michael got here about 10pm along with his brother Matthew. Uncle Mike, Aunt Diana, & Andrea came in about 3am & Grandma & grandpa will be in this afternoon.

Can't wait till tomorrow!

As always be good & Be safe

This is an account of our lifes as we head down the path of life towards our first child. An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break." --An ancient Chinese belief

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