Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aislinn is really keeping me on my toes

Aislinn is being Christened tomorrow on Fathers Day. I've had my to do list winding down. All the food was bought to be prepared on Friday, Aislinn outfit was all set, as were mine and Andrew's. Hero's ordered, balloons ordered, Micheala is making the cake, cupcakes & favors, DJ was confirmed,Banner & donation was brought to the church & the hall was called to give our headcount all that was left was to clean the house for the family that was coming for the weekend. So on Thursday I started to rip apart the house. Aislinn was in school, Carleigh & Hunter were napping, Tommy & Kenzie were watching a movie when I got a call from the school that Aislinn had a seizure. Protocol is for them to call 911 & have an ambulance take her to the closest hospital but when the nurse called me she asked if I wanted to come get her. I said Yes. I called our pediatrician & they said take her straight to Good Sam, my next call was to KerriAnn to come watch the kids. When I got to the school Aislinn was sitting on her teachers lap, her cheeks were red & she started to cry when she saw me. The nurse stated that her fever was 99.1 right after the seizure & 100.2 just a few minutes before I got there. When she when to school that morning she was a little clingy but as soon as she saw the bus she was all smiles & saying Hi Ya as she walked quickly to get on the bus. It took me about 20 minutes to get to Good Sam. I do have to say I really like this Pediatric Er. I walked in & was whisked into the back within 3 minutes of walking into the door. The staff was great with her,They quickly examined her, started an IV on her took her temp (it was now 102.4 & weighted her~ baby dumpling is now 28 pounds!)
Blood was drawn & a chest xray was ordered. At this point Aislinn had fallen asleep in my arm so they said the would give her a few minutes to sleep before the Xray.I asked why the X-ray and was told they wanted to rule out Bronchitis & Pneumonia Now Aislinn has had a bit of a cough, kinda like a tickle in her throat when she lays down at night. When we were at the Dr's in May he said it was "post nasal drip", so I didn"t think anything of the cough.( my father in law had Bronchitis last week when we were in Maryland for Matthew's graduation, so I figured that what it was going to be). About a half hour later we took Aislinn for the chest Xray, She sat really well for it & the results were back rather quickly. Dr Rogu came and said Its Pneumonia! WHAT? How the H*ll did I miss that? The Dr was quick to point out that it was easy to miss since she wasn't showing any signs of the pneumonia. I guess from the look on my face she could tell I was upset with myself.She said they were going to start IV antibiotics on her right away & when it was done she could go home with a script for more meds & she was to be seen by Dr Nick. By this time Andrew was there.Aislinn was all smiles for her daddy & while they hooked the Meds to her IV Andrew & I tried to keep her entertained & keep her arm straight. About 9:30 We were told they were going to start her discharge papers so I sent Andrew home. 20 minutes later they came and took out the IV (the tech who did the IV did a great job, no marks or bruises on her arm from the needle but her arm was all red from all the tape they put on her arm to keep it straight.) When we got into the car & I plugged my phone in (my battery had gone dead about an hour into the evening) I had over 20 messages from the family. When I got home I sent a few text messages & made a few phone calls, fed Aislinn some oatmeal for dinner & we were both out for the Count within a hour.

Yesterday was suppose to be a day to do all the cooking for Aislinn christening & finish cleaning up for the company. GaGa ( my gf Jo) called me about 7:45 to say she was on her way over to start cooking (thank god I bought all the food last week & remembered to take the meat out of the freezer Thursday morning). She brought coffee & bagels with her but before we could cook Aislinn had a appointment to be checked out by Dr Nick's office. After her appointment we ran & got our last minute stuff (fresh veggies) & then we started to cook. We spent the afternoon making Sausage & peppers, Baked Ziti, Italian Meatballs, Swedish Meatballs, & Beef & Broccoli.

Our nephew & Aislinn's godfather Michael got here about 10pm along with his brother Matthew. Uncle Mike, Aunt Diana, & Andrea came in about 3am & Grandma & grandpa will be in this afternoon.

Can't wait till tomorrow!

As always be good & Be safe

This is an account of our lifes as we head down the path of life towards our first child. An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break." --An ancient Chinese belief

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