Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adjusting to home life
We been home now for a little less then 2 weeks and in those 2 short weeks we have done alot. Aislinn is adjusting great. On our first full day home we had more visitors. Aunt Kerri & Uncle Pete came over with Carleigh & Hunter, Gaga & Pama came with a ladybug umbrella from Disney with Aislinn's name on it in Chinese, Kate came over with Tommy & Kenzie plus a load of presents for Aislinn. Kenzie was to cute, she hugged me & held on saying Aunt DeeDee I missed you while you were in China over & over again. Rachael came over for Dinner and after we took Aislinn out for a walk.Grandma & Rachael helped with her bath then it was bedtime (7:30).Daddy went back to work on Monday so Aislinn & I took a ride to have lunch with Grandpa's sister. Then took a ride to the state park but the chipmunk slept thrru the drive. On Tuesday Gma & Gpa went back home so Aislinn and I took a drive to the outlets to Stride rite shoes to get her a good pair of walking shoes. Wednesday was Aislinn first visit to the pediatrician, Dr Nick was please with how she looked and told me not to worry about anything, we would do her shots over a few visits and recommend that we meet with a pediatric behavioral specialist & a neurologist.Thankfully Aunt Jamie came to the appointment with Daddy & I so she took notes on everything that DR Nick said. After the appointment we had some running around to do & popped in on the twins & Anne to a quick visit. On Thursday Andrew & I had a wake to go to plus I was meets some friends for dinner & StewBe had bowling so Aislinn had her first night with a babysitter. Rachael was more then willing & excited to get & spend some time with her godchild. When we left Aislinn was sitting with Rach & drinking her bottle. The funeral home is only up the block so after paying our respect & talking with Steve & Denise for a bit I drove Andrew back home to get his car & popped into the house for a moment. Rach was doing her homework & Aislinn was in bed asleep (did I say that she is sleeping between 10 & 12hrs a night & in bed by 8pm) My friends couldn't believe that I really made it to since I was only home for 5 night with Aislinn. It was great to get out with them now that I too was home from China & have them answer my questions. I only texted Rach 1 while I was out (was exception a call about my Uncle who was in the hospital~ Oh yea, Aislinn also made a trip to the ER not for her but for me to see my uncle who was rushed in that day) and was home by 11:15. Friday morning Aislinn & I along with Aunt Jamie went to the funeral mass for Steve's dad (Aislinn was good) then we stopped and had breakfast. On Friday Night when Daddy came home from work we packed the car got Rachael & drove to Maryland to see Diana & the family.We were nervous as to how Aislinn would be on the 5 hour drive but she did well, just checking out her surrounding eating cheerios & napping. We got to Diana's a bit after midnight, Aislinn woke up smiled at everyone & after 30 minutes I put her down in the packNplay & she was back to sleep till 8am.On Saturday night we went to see our Nephew Matthew in his HS production of the Sound of Music. Again Aislinn did really well and when she fussed Cheerios came in handy!I had called both specialist to get appointment, the Neurologist doesn't have a opening till May 2nd but the behavioral specialist had a cancellation for Monday @ 10. Again Jamie came with me to the appointment , Dr Silverman was very thorough and wants us to take Aislinn for a few test (blood & a MRI) so they need to be scheduled. I also met with the school district to start the paperwork to have Aislinn evaluated for services (speech, psychical & occupational therapy)Dr Silverman said that Aislinn development is more like a 12 month old then almost 36 months but that she feels that this will change rather quickly with services and our love.
On Tuesday I started back to work with Tommy & Kenzie (Carleigh & Hunter come back next week) Aislinn did well with the other kids & Kenzie was a big her (she says Aislinn is her best friend!)

As always be good & Be safe

This is an account of our lifes as we head down the path of life towards our first child. An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break." --An ancient Chinese belief

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