Friday, April 20, 2012

Playing Catch up
Seriously, where is the time going? I can't believe in just a few short-weeks we will have Aislinn a year. Wasn't it just yesterday we were getting on the plane for China? Lots of Changes in our lives these days.
In my last post we were just about to go to Maryland for the New Year. We arrived in MD late Friday night, as always Aislinn was really good in the car & only slept for a hour of the ride. After we said hello to everyone, we put Aislinn down to bed for the night & she slept till 8am on Saturday.We got up & started our day, just as I was about to put her breakfast on the table my Mil said " I think Aislinn just stubbed her toe~ Ashie was walking around the dinning room table) I looked over at her & said get Andrew (I couldn't see her face but knew by her body she was about to go into a seizure) I grabbed her as her knees buckled & laid her on her side on the couch. As most of her Seizures are this one was quick (for me~ my outlaws were flipping~ never seeing one before) She fell asleep for 2 hours after it was over. When she awoke I sat her on my lap & started to feed her some scrambled egg when all of the sudden her back went stiff & she went into another seizure. After she came out of it & fell back to sleep & I placed a call to NYU. The Dr on call called back within 5 minutes. I explained where we were & what happened, No meds were change, just keep a close eye on her & if another one happens to call again. Thank god she didn't have another one but she did have a very low key weekend. When she awoke from the second seizure after a hour she just sat on the couch next to whoever was there, first Andrea, then grandpa & daddy and at one point laid on the floor next to her godfather Michael. Around 4pm she got up from the floor & walked towards the stairs to go down to the bedroom & wanted to be put into the crib. I did and she laid there for a hour (one thing we have noticed about Aislinn, when she has had enough & is done or if she isn't feeling well her crib is where she want to be) We figured with all the sleeping she had done thru out the day she would be staying up to help us ring in the New Year but by 7pm her fingers were in her mouth & she wanted bed. After she went to bed it was a quiet night for the rest of us. Cards were played, drinks drank, Munchies munched & Dick Clarks Rockin New Year Eve party watched. We were in bed by 12:45. The Chipmunk woke around 7:15, after a quick change of the diaper & a sippy cup of juice Aislinn go into bed with us (proof that she wasn't feeling well) & laid between us for a few hours. We went out to Dinner that day to celebrate Michael's 21st birthday & left for home later that night. Our nephew Matthew took the ride with us & we dropped him off at his school in Manhattan then drove thru time square (its was interesting to see all the people still out & about @ 1am)Both Andrew & I were off on Monday so all the Christmas decoration were taken down & put away for another year. We celebrated Andrew's mom 75th birthday with a surprise dinner @ the Irish Times Pub (another fav). After dinner everyone came back to our House for coffee & cake for mom's & Steven's~ Andrew's nephew 25th birthday) On my birthday the chipmunk had a Drs appointment to receive her second flu shot. Dr Nick saw her & was very happy with her overall progress (he is the 1st dr she saw when we came home from China)& thankfully this time no seizures after the shots. Aislinn had a checkup with Dr R in the beginning of January. We talked about her increase seizures, the lack of speech, over health & decided to pull Aislinn from the school setting for the time being & have her service done at home.For this to be done an IEP meeting needed to be had.As always I stressed out about it but there was no need to I got everything I requested (it helps to have a friend there with you to have your back~ Thanks Kelly.It was decided that Aislinn's last day of school would be February 10 (our meeting was on Feb 1st). That Friday (3rd) I got a call from the school saying Aislinn had a seizure. I jumped into my car & by the time I got there she had another one. She was asleep when I walked into the room & when she awoke she started to cry (so unlike her) but after we got home & she napped for an hour she was back to her old self. When she went back to school on Monday I said a silent prayer that our last week at the school would be a quiet one(wishful thinking) about 11am I got a call saying that Aislinn was running a low grade fever & needed to be sent home. So off again I went to the school already knowing she would be home with me for Tuesday (needs to be 24hrs without a fever). got her home &; she slept for a few hours then was up & running a muck with her cousin.. Later that evening just before bed she started to sneeze & by the time she went to bed she became a snot monster. We went to the Drs on Wednesday (she had been running a low grade since Monday & know the green coming out of her nose) & she had a Ear infection. Wouldn't of known it from the way she was acting.When we got home from the drs I called her school & told them she would be out the rest of the week but asked if we could stop by Friday afternoon with munchkins for her class to say goodbye. She was happy to see her friends & school on Friday & went straight to Ms Aillison & sat on her lap. A few of the therapist came by the class room to say goodbye & her class got her a present. She loved it so much; played with it all weekend.

She started @ home services  on the 13th. The first week she was really funny. Every morning she would come down stairs, eat breakfast then go down to the front door, grab her jacket & try to put it on. When she could she would scream for me to help & stand by the front door "waiting on the bus" it took awhile to get her to understand that this was our new routine for now.
Out to dinner for Gma's 75th bithday
All the grand-kids Michelle(Steven's GF) Steven, Michael, Matthew, Lauren, Aislinn, Gma & Andrea
She was eating a lime~Luv this face

Playing with the gift from her school

This is an account of our lifes as we head down the path of life towards our first child. An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break." --An ancient Chinese belief

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