Thursday, November 01, 2007


Another Halloween has past and like I said in my previous post how I luv seeing all the kids in their costumes, this year was no different. We got our first knock on the door at 3:20 and the last one around 9:30 last night. It was an interesting year as far as trick or treaters went, less little ones ( 5 & under) more middle school kids (wearing really revealing costumes) and many more parents this year walking with their children. I even saw one group of kids walking (about 10) with about 6 parents and one dad pulling a wagon with a cooler in it full of beer.

Jamie's kids came to our house for trick or treat. Saorlas was Belle (Beauty & the Beast) Fianna was Cinderella and Seamus was Porky from the little rascals. Remember him?

Normally our neighborhood is trashed the morning after Halloween and this goes back to when I was a child growing up here(my dad & neighbor use to hid in the bushes to catch the kids that egged the houses year after year Once,Aunt Sal grabbed the kid that egged her windows and by the collar marched him into the house to call his parents and tell them what he had done and that the next afternoon he would washing windows at her house to clean off the egg. if you did that today(marched a child into your house for damaging your property you would be arrested for child abuse) but this was the 70s so the next afternoon the parent dropped the child off to clean all the egg off of her window and offered an apology. This year it wasn't to bad. Shaving foam on the lawns,baby powder on the driveway and toilet paper on the trees, street and lawns.

All the kids that came to the house were to cute but I couldn't wait until this morning to check out some of my favorite blogs to see if there were any pictures of every ones princess,angels, flowers, witches,bees,pumpkins, ducks, fishes, pirates & ladybugs. As I click from site to site (thank god for bloglines) I clicked on
this site and hit pay dirt! LOL As I looked at each different site and the pictures they shared I dreamed of a day (hopefully not to to far in the future) when my daughter is here and we are taking pictures of her is the most adorable costumes.

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


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