Friday, September 14, 2007


When I first started this blog it was mainly to document our journey to Aislinn Mariah but with the wait stretching to god know how long I decide to make it more of a blog of our life and what was going on around us as we wait to become first time parents. I decided 11 months ago to rejoin Weight Watchers (OK dragged along kicking and screaming was more like it but that's another story)I went with one of my best friends and for the record here lets state that if she needed to lose 10 pounds that was pushing it. Now I have been on Weight Watchers countless times .The first time I went to a meeting I was 12.Dark church basement, 20 over weight middle aged women (no men back then, we are talking 1975), a scale and a very thin woman leading the group to cheer everyone on. I was dragged there for 5 weeks. I didn’t get it then.Next try was was I was a teenager, same setting on 20 young girls (teens) all trying to lose at least a little bit each week.Again I didn’t get it but the pattern was set for my life. Go for a few months, drop some weight(most was 40 pounds for my wedding in 1988)and then quit. Never making their goal never being thin.

For over 30 years of my life I have been playing the dieting yo-yo game and its time it STOPPED.

What makes this time any different then the dozen other times I have tried to lose weight? Well first, its not a diet, it a life style change. By changing small things in my life I have watched the scale go down. Some of the things that I have changed are:

This is my new best friend, I was having a hard time drinking all my water, (OK any of my water) and then I found this. Actually I found it in Wal-Mart, their brand of sugar free peach ice tea on the go packets. No sugar, no calories, no caffeine. Now its all I drink, and its true,drinking all that water does make you feel better.

Now the compliments are starting to come in. I have always had a hard time accepting them and this time is no different. Someone asked me if now that Kerri's wedding is almost past would I stop trying to lose these extra pounds. I didn't do this for her wedding, I did it for me! I want to be around a long time for my precious child, I want to be able to get on the ground with her to color and play games, ride bikes with her, kick a soccer ball across the field. I will be one of the older mothers in her class, I don't want to be the heaviest or the unhealthiest.


Foot note: in case anyone was wondering how much I have lost, it is over 52
pounds, I still have a ga-zillion to go but


This is an account of our lifes as we head down the path of life towards our first child. An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break." --An ancient Chinese belief

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