Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I was so looking forward to vacation this year. All the planning for the shower, work, trying to freshen up things for the wedding and for 5 days before we left on Vacation I watched 5 of "my gang". Paula & Colm were taking a trip to Bermuda and I took their kids ages 15 to 5. The kids were great going with the flow of the weekend as I tried to get ready for the shower and packing for our trip. On Monday night after the kids parents got home, We packed the truck, picked up McKay, Rach & Goobs and headed for Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland. Now before we go any further I do need to say that hubby got himself a new toy for the trip. I had read on this blog about the evils of said toy laughed at the post, made a comment to her and forgot about it till our trip. We get on the road, driving west and all of the sudden we are going over the Manhattan Bridge, to Canal Street, thru Chinatown, to get to the Holland Tunnel. I have lived in New York my whole life,forty something years and have never gone over the Manhattan Bridge or gone thru the Holland tunnel. As we were driving it was like Stew-Be was in a trance, anything that Wanda (that's what the kids named her) said he did. I told him since he was listening to Her rather then Me, "I hope she keeps you warm at night" ( Hey it had been a ruff weekend and I was cranky) Anyway we drove thru the night in the pouring rain and arrived at DCL around 7am. Andrew's parents and his sister and Brother in law were up, waiting on us & the kids were still sleeping. After we unpacked the food and stuff we laid down for a few hours. The next few days were filled with fun. On Tuesday night we too the kids to the Arcade for a few rounds on the go-carts and to play some of the games. On Wednesday, even thou it was overcast, we went out on the boat & jet ski. It was a relaxing day on the lake with the kids being pulled on the Banana boat and taking turns on the jet ski. the only problem was Stew-Be got a ticket ($85.00) on the water while towing the kids on a raft from the Jet Ski. Towing is legal but pulling into a dock with said kids on back on raft isn't. This could only happen to my husband, I asked him did he know this (you need to watch video and take a test before they let you rent or drive these things) and his reply was No Not at all. Owell what are you going to do? On Thursday we all went back out on the boat for another fun filled day. Only downer for this day was I wasn't smart enough to practice what I preach. I always put on the kids a 30+ SPF or sometimes I put a 50 on them and this day was no different. On me I put suntan lotion with a SPF of 4 ( with my fair Irish skin, that doesn't normally see the light of the sun) to say I got burned to a crisp is a understatement.My back, shoulders and chest were hurting (this past Monday night was the first time I have slept without waking up a dozen times in pain. When we got into the car on Saturday morning to drive the 8 hrs home and I put on my seat belt, I had tears coming down my face, It hurt that bad) Other then those 2 bad things it was a great Vacation, the kids (there was 8 of them ranging in age from 16 to 11) had a great time swimming in the lake, playing pool, hanging out and having drinking contest ( drinking water and flipping a cup).

Big holiday weekend coming up and I am expecting the in laws. We are having our annual block party. It will be nice to kick back and enjoy all our friends and family. Have a good weekend.

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


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