Monday, September 03, 2007

BLOCK PARTY 2007 (What a weekend)

Labor Day weekend is usually a big camping weekend for Andrew and I but this year we didn't go since it was when our Block decided to have their Annual Party. This is the ninth or tenth year that we have had a Shin Dig. Since my fathers passing I participate in the block party with a heavy heart. When my dad was alive he loved the block party, to see all the folks on the block and just spend a day relaxing and catching up with family and friends. We had great weather for the day, Sunny & warm. There was a water slide, arts & crafts for the kids, cotton candy, decorate a cupcake, egg toss, tug a war, bake off, DJ & a 50/50. 15 homes on the block participated, we had about 60 people at our house. A great time was had by all.
Andrew's sister and her family stated with us on Saturday night, his dad had gone back home (upstate) & his mom had gone to Andrew's brother Peter's house to spend the night. On Sunday Morning (as i was making breakfast) we got phone call saying she wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home (upstate, She had stayed because she was going to head back to Maryland with her daughter's family for a few weeks) after a few phone calls it was decided that we shouldn't take a chance with driving 3 hrs (she was dizzy,lightheaded, nauseous and her blood pressure was elevated) so off to the ER we went. ER's are never fun, going to one on a holiday weekend is the pits. Andrew & I, Diana & Mike met Peter & Tina at the hospital. When we first got her there,her blood pressure was 194/92 ("Normal" blood pressure is systolic pressure less than 120/ and diastolic pressure less than 80.) they had no open bed in the ER so out to the chairs she had to wait, after a hour, my BIL had them recheck her BP (180/86 A little lower but still sit in chairs and wait) at this point she is shivering (between nerves and the AC was a tad high) So I asked for a blanket or a sheet to wrap around her and was told, we don't have any. It was another hour before they called her to the back,and only 1 person could go with her. She was in the ER till 11:30 last nite, and we didn't get a straight answer to what happened. They weren't worried about her blood pressure said she was just dehydrated and that she should she her GP and a neurologist. Now is it just me or if nothing is wrong, why does she need to see a neurologist? My FIL came down late last night and they went home this morning as did Andrew's sister and her family.
Happy Labor Day to all!
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