Thursday, July 19, 2007

Where was I when the lights went

Yesterday, Long Island was suppose to have "some rain" and "a few thunder storms". Needless to say that "some rain and thunder storms" turned into a tornado touching down a town over, trees down all over, flooded streets and no power for over 8 hours. Not fun with a 20 month old and a mother who is on oxygen. Tommy thought the rain was fun when we were trying to get into the house and couldn't understand why we couldn't stay outside. Trying to keep a 20 month old entertained with no TV was interesting and worked for the first hour.Thank god he still takes a nap and that helped. After he woke from his nap, the rains and winds stopped and it didn't look like to was going to storm again any minute, I put my sneakers on, put Tommy in the stroller and put Misty on her leash and we went for a walk. We didn't get to far when Misty put her little butt down and refused to walk any farther. So whats a gal to do? Pick her up and put her in the stroller also. She sat with Tommy the whole walk and he had his arm around her. Thank God she gentle with all the kids. When we got back to the house it was time for a fudge pop. My mom was having a melt down that I was allowing him a go at the pop by himself and the mess he was making. He had fun with it and I cleaned him up before his mother came to get him.

Electricity came back on after 5pm and we were able to put the AC back on for my mom (the humidity had kicked on by then) and life went back to normal. When Stew-be got home @ 8pm the first thing I told him was "we need to get a generator'. Between the oxygen machine for my mom ,the freezer, that is full with food and the fridge, a generator is a smart investment.This was just a rain storm, imagine a hurricane? In 1985 when Gloria hit the Island we were without power for 7 days. Now that was an adventure for the first 3 days but by the 4th day we were all longing for a hot shower and a home cooked meal.

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


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