Sunday, February 08, 2009

If you smoke, PLEASE STOP...if not for yourself then for the people that love you. Seem like such a simply request but one that isn't that easy to fulfill. I can remember asking my mother time and time again to please stop smoking and always got the same response, "I've been smoking so long quitting won't make a difference." Granny Annie started smoking when she was a teenager. Back in the mid 50's it was the cool , the in thing, elegant, sophisticated and of course she didn't just smoke any cigarettes she smoked non filter ones, Pall Mall. She switched to a filtered cigarette early in the 90"s and stopped smoking this past June. When I took her to the cardiologist in October for an appointment , he asked her if she was still smoking, she proudly told him "nope not one cigarette since the end of June" To which the Dr responded"That's Great, that was a big first step, Congratulations!!!.
Last Tuesday I received a phone call from the rehab telling me that my mother was in Respiratory distress and that they were calling in an ambulance to take her to the hospital.. She was admitted to the ICU in Heart Failure. Jamie ,Kerri Ann & I knew she didn't any heroic measure to be taken to prolong her life. So we knew a DNR(Do-Not-Resuscitate) was in order but then they asked about a DNI (Do-Not-Intubate) and we weren't sure. After talking it over with my sisters and a lot of praying for guidance I signed both on Wednesday afternoon. She is in End Stage Pulmonary Disease, and this morning I received a call from three of her Dr's all agreeing that there isn't anything left to do. Hospice is being called in to make her as comfortable.
So once again "If you smoke, PLEASE STOP...if not for yourself then for the people that love you"

As Always Be Good & Be

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