Friday, January 16, 2009


OMG has it been a longggg week. I have never been so glad to see a Friday nite.Granny Annie still isn't home. On Tuesday I received a call that they were releasing her fro the hospital. When Kerri Ann & I got there after work to get her & we were putting on her jeans we couldn't get them to zipper or button close. They had fit her fine when she wore them 5 days earlier being admitted to the hospital. I asked the nurse if they had weighed her during the last five days. I was told her weigh upon admission was 149(her weight @ last dr's appt about 8 weeks ago was 128). Now my mom's weigh fluctuates between 118 & 130. If her weigh goes over that we (her Dr's & family know that she is filling with fluid and that they need to push lasix). I asked for her to be weighted at that moment before we did anything else. We get her on a scale and her weight was 1531/4. She had gone up over 4 pounds in just 5 days and no it could be food. A call was put into her Dr and I made the decision that she was staying till we know what was going on.Wednesday I received a call from her Dr's that they were pushing more lasix, normally she is on 20 mg twice a day and they were going to double that to 40mg twice a day. On Thursday the hospital called to say she was ready to go home but extremely weak and they recommend that she is put into short term rehab to regain her strength . So that is where she was moved to today and hopefully she will be only there a short time like last summer.
Yesterday it was snowing here and I didn't get a chance to go to my WW meeting like I wanted to but I did run there to at least get weighed in and I am so glad I did! I always do well my first week back on program and to tell the truth I wasn't 100% "on program" with all the running back and forth to the hospital but once again when I stepped up on that scale I was down 15 pounds.

And last but not least a big YOU ROCK goes out to my hubby Andrew. As I have stated before Stew-Be luvs bowling. As long as we have been together he has bowled in one if not two leagues a week. On Wednesday night at his Men's hot shot double league, Andrew shot 12 strike in a row..... a 300. A Perfect Game..

As Always Be Good & Be

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