Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I was awoken today but the pounding on our front door at 5:30 am. Not a good sign by any means. When I looked out the front bedroom window I saw it was the Police Dept. I grabbed my robe, ran down the 12 stairs and flung open the front door. The 30 or forty seconds this took a million things ran thru my head. Andrew had just left for work 30 minutes earlier. The officer was quick to put my fears to rest but asked if everything was OK in the house? Seems a 911 called was placed from our house. Now with Andrew @ work that only left myself or my mom. I quickly checked on her and she was sound asleep. The officer took alook around the property and left after saying "sorry I woke you and have a nice day" Have a nice day? When your day starts like that you know it is only going to go down hill from there. I called Stew-be right away and of course he had his phone shut off. So I walked around the house and checked all the phone to see what the last number was dialed on each(no 911 calls). We have 4 portable phone, plus my mom has here own line but there isn't a phone hooked up to it.(Long story don't ask) Finally got a hold of Stew-be and tried to go back to sleep with no luck. Got showered and dressed and ran for an appointment. When I got out of there and went to stat my car the battery was stone dead (mind ya it was fine the day before had an inspection). Called Stew-be again ranting and rave, ( I have errands to run, work @ 12:30 and a meeting @ 7 I didn't want to miss) while I am on the phone with him and he is trying to calm me down I turned the key again and the car turned over. I drove straight home with the , backed it into the drive way and shut it off. Two minutes later I tried it again and got nothing, no lights no nothing. Strange...I called Stew-be again and told him what happened, of course we got the, "did U leave the lights on, the radio, what did YOU do"? At this point I have had not the most normal of days and his questions just pushed me over the edge and I started to cry, to which Andrew's reply was I'll be right home to fix it for you.Now mind you, he doesn't work around the corner from the house (45 minute drive and he bowls in the city on Tuesday nights and stays in there so he had no intention on coming home) Sure enough, a bit later he came walking thru the front door asking for the keys ( 5 minutes before he arrived I had gone back out to check the car and it was still stone dead) we walked out side, he put the key in and the car came to life! I swear I hate when that happen, and started to tear up and try to tell him that it really was stone dead. He just laughed and said relax, the cables are loose on the battery, he fixed it and left again for work. I went back into the house and needed to figure out how a 911 call was placed from my phone, so after a phone call to the local policed dept, a call to 911 and finally a call to the phone company, turns outs the call was made from my mom's line and that it was a cross wire with a alarm system in the area. Mystery solved, my car was working and I got to go out for my "meeting" which was canceled but had dinner with 3 "new friend" who gave me a wonderful incite to what I will be experiencing when I go to China and bring back our Dream.
In case I didn't say it before my hubby is a the best and I am blessed to have him!

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


This is an account of our lifes as we head down the path of life towards our first child. An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break." --An ancient Chinese belief

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