Friday, September 05, 2008

A Major Decision

First I need to say I can't believe it already September, that the kids are back in school and I've only done one post in the last six weeks. I received a email from our agency back in July when my mom was in the hospital to "remind me" that my I-171H will be expiring and that we can renew it one time free of charge. Sounds like a simple enough thing but I remembered what we had to go thru last time with Granny Annie's fingerprints and was not sure I could put her thru two more fingerprinting to have them both fail and then have to (maybe) drag her to Manhattan to sit for a meet with the powers that be.
So after many emails, much thinking and a lot of praying that I am dong the right thing, the decision was made not to renew our paperwork but to wait until we are closer and hopefully by the the new form I-800a will not be the nightmare it is now.
The summer has has been a busy one with camping trips and a family reunion, BBQs, birthdays and work.

And now just some random things ..........

Miss Carleigh 7 weeks old and as cute as a button. In most of the pictures she looks like her daddy but this picture she looks just like Kerri Ann..

A few weeks ago, Andrew was able to get home early on a Friday afternoon so we walked to the local pizzeria with Tommy & Kenzie.Tommy was thrilled that he was getting to spend time with "Uncle"Andrew. On the walk back home I was telling Andrew how when I was young we use to walk up to the pizzeria on a Thursday night (my dad's pay day) to have dinner as a treat and what a special memory it was and one I couldn't wait to do with Aislinn. As we were talking Tommy who was holding Andrew's hand said to him " Uncle Andrew, no talk to Dee Dee Talk to me" out of the mouths of babes.

Camp chaos has been in full swing but most of the summer I didn't have all the kids at one time, that is to last week. It was a beautiful day out but wet from the Monsoon the night before so I had to keep them in most of the morning. Thank God for Videos. Only one missing from the photo is Kenzie and look what she can to @ 9 months Yep turned my back on her for two seconds and she is stand. Owell there goes all peace and quiet @ camp Chaos.

This guy has been hanging around our deck for the last few weeks. Day & Night. I take down the web and he puts it right back. Wonder in we can claim him on our taxes this year as a dependant?

And Last but not the Wait for Aislinn gets longer one good thing is happening.My weight is still going down!!! I still have a long way to go but as of the end of August I am down 80 pounds since I started my healthier life style
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