Sunday, March 30, 2008

Three word Sunday

I'm a little late with my three words this week, we just got home from a visit Upstate to Andrew's parents. Boy did I need a couple of days away.All last week the weather was pretty OK for the kids to be outside at some point of the day to run amuck but on Friday, the weather was kinda borderline (one minute sun the next looking like it was going to pour, so I decided to keep them in) Fianna wasn't feeling well so she was laying on my bed, Kenzie was in the crib, that left the three boys (Circan, Seamus will both be 3 in two weeks & Tommy 2 & Half) in the living room playing(or destroying, how ever you want to look at it) They decided to empty the toy box (nothing more then a big Rubbermaid crate) and use it as a pool, then a ship, then a race car.OK so no problem yet other then a living room that looked like a bomb went off in it, so I go up stairs to pack some clothes for the weekend and check on the girls. I'm up there no more then a few minutes when I hear a little voice calling HELP DEE DEE HELP! I come flying out of my room to the top of the stairs to see the toy box turned upside down and Tommy & Circan sitting on top of it & Seamus's voice coming from under it still calling for help. Now I was torn at this point, a part of me wanted to grab my camera and take pictures so I could blog about it & the Aunt part of me could only think about the nightmares Seamus would have and the therapist he would need in the future. After I got The boys off the box and put into a corner & settled down Seamus. my day went down hill from there.
So My Three Words for this Sunday are:

A child's imagination

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


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