Sunday, June 08, 2008

Prom 2008

If its June it must be prom season. On Friday night Micheala and her fellow classmate had their Senior Prom. (I can't believe that in less then 18 day my oldest munchkin will be a High School Graduate.) I was suppose to be at their house by 3:30. Normally not a prob, I took the afternoon off from work (was getting off at 3) Stew-be wasn't going to be home till 5 since we were heading upstate.But of course with my luck we hit a snag. We have been trying to get carpet in the basement since I painted it a couple of months ago.Went to Home dep*t three weeks ago, they came 2 days later to measure and haven't heard back from them, so on Wednesday I went on line to here requesting an appointment for Thursday between 1& 3pm. At 2;50 on Thursday afternoon the salesperson was here, measured, gave me a price and we signed the contract. They were to install on Friday and It was stated on the contract that I need it to be finished by 3pm. I was told NO Problem. On Friday The carpet installer was here at noon and left @5pm. The room is about 11x14 plus the 5 stairs leading to the main floor.At 3:30 I Called Siobhan to tell her she was on her own with taking pictures (sometimes I think its the only reason she keeps me around, if it wasn't for me taking photos of her kids she wouldn't have any! LOL) and that I would be there as soon as possible.A few minute later McKay called and asked what was wrong as I was telling her I stared to cry, to think I was going to miss out on seeing her before what would be a once in a life event just broke my heart. At five pm just as the guy was walking out of the house, Andrew got home and drove me to the house where the picture were being taken. When I saw her all decked out the I got all misty, Mckays face lit when she saw me and she dragged me around for the next 45minutes taking picture . As I went across this yard full of guys in Tuxes and gals in gowns, watching parents taking picture, you heard the same thing over and over, Have a good time, be careful, I trust you its everyone else I don't, if your going to drink, please don't go overboard. After the prom was over a group of her friend rented a house out east for the weekend. She had a blast.

Mckay & the family

Her date Andy

Her and her girlfriends. In just the 13 months since this was taken what a difference.

Just some of the kids going to the prom

As Always Be Good & Be Safe


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